How to make Miso Soup

Miso Soup 味噌汁

The miso soup is  Japanese cannot help loving. There is the miso soup with various ingredients. One of the representative things in  the miso soup are tofu, leek and  seaweed. It is the ingredients you can get easily in the Japanese Food stores in your town.

Materials for Miso soup  (for one person)


soybean curd(tofu) 1/2
Dry seaweed 1teaspoon
Miso  1 tablespoon
“dashi”(Japanese soup stock of the granule ) 1/2Teaspoon
Water 250cc

How to make miso soup

1. boil hot water in a pan and  put a bean curd and  sliced leek

2. when the  leek is cooled  weaken the fire of the gas stove

3. add dry seaweed  and “dashi” of the granle and mix it

4.add miso and dissolve it.

Please do not boil any more after adding miso in order to keep the flavor of miso.



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