Popular items born in Japan in the world

Useful items invented in Japan

Including a cup of instant noodle, a dry cell, a camera phone, the pocket heater have been born in Japan! I gathered up items of the origin in Japan.

 Cup noodles カップめん


THe cup noodles are well known to the origin in Japan. “A cup of instant noodle” was released in 1971 by Nissin Food Products.

“A cup of instant noodle” which Nissin Food Products released on September 18, 1971 is the first product. It was eaten as staple food now, but at first, it have been developed as interval snacks.

It became popular by being able to eat burning hot noodles immediately in the cold place where a usual lunch frozen.

Dry cells had been born more than 100years ago  乾電池

 Dry cells are invented more than 100 years ago by Senzo Yai . As power supplies such as a wireless remote controller or the alarm clock,and they are used as an emergency power supply widely in the case of the blackout.

The lithium-ion battery which is indispensable to a mobile product   リチウムイオンバッテリー

The lithium-ion batteries were born in Japan like  dry cells, too.  We cannot miss them as a power supply of the charge-type electronic equipment such as  cell-phones and  smartphones, digital cameras, the note PC and so on.

Hybrid cars  ハイブリッドカー

The hybrid cars have more than two power sources.  The world’s first mass production hybrid cars have produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. The first model was PRIUS, released in 1997.

Popular Japanese culture, KAEAOKE   カラオケ

The etymology of the karaoke “kara”is abbreviation of the empty in Japanese and  “oke” is abbreviation of the orchestra.
Originally, it was used as a slang among the bandsmen,  and used like  “I would practice with a karaoke” . That meant  as “I would practice without a singer.”


“VP-210” made by Kyocera is said to be the world’s first camera phone. When it was released , people thought  “why is this necessary?”  But once it started to be used as a substitute for a memo and tools to send the information with visual things, it became incredibly convenient tools.  Depending on users ,there are a lot of ways of use.

The electric rice cooker 

The electric rice cooker which was created from a small factory in town.

It may be natural that the rice cooker cooking the rice which is Japanese staple food is origin in Japan.  It is Mr. Yoshitada Minami of small factory “Koshinsha” in town of Tokyo who have invented the electric rice cooker first. Then,”Toshiba”I commercialized invention and made a big hit afterwards.

The great invention of the century! Blue light-emitting diode(発光ダイオード)

In the winter we can see the LED of the blue common by illuminations. It was Shuji Nakamura who worked in “Nichia Kagaku Kogyo” to achieve LED practical use. The three primary colors of the light with the LED were a chance to expand the possibilities of lights.

The palm type portable body warmer 使い捨てカイロ

The palm type portable body warmer is really useful in the cold winter time. It is just a palm size pouch. When you feel cold, if you rub and shake the pouch, it become warm. You do not need use fire at all. Just rubbing and shaking make the pouch very warm and make you comfortable immediately.

“Nihon Pionics” developed it, and it was released nationwide as ”Hokaron” by Lotte electronics industry. You can throw it away after using it. You can buy them at drugstores and supermarkets.  When you go skiing, you should take some “Hokaron” with you.


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