How to make your lip gloss more effective

How to make your lip gloss more effective

This is a trick to make the the lip gloss gives us a color more lively.

When your physical condition is poor and the day of the lack of sleep,it is bad for applying cosmetics.

In such a case, I recommend this trick!

How to apply lipstick and lip gloss

Things you`ll need

*thick-red ripstick

step1.  Make up as usual .

step2.Apply your thick-red rip stick.

step3.Wipe it with a tissue lightly and remove an oil.

step4.Then  apply your lip gloss on it.

apply lip-gloss on the lip-stick

apply lip gloss on the lip stick

Then even on the day when you do not feel well, you look healthy and lively  with your beautiful lips with this method.

How to prevent lip sticks from beeing removed easily

The method is very simple!

eye shadlow is the key.

eye shadlow is the key.

Mix some powdery type eye shadow and lip gloss and apply it on your lips with brush.

That’s all! And put a little bit of eye shadow on the middle of your lower lip.  Your lips look so soft and pretty.


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