Are the prices of things in Tokyo high? The prices are not high in Japan!

    Are the prices of Tokyo high? The prices of Japan are not high!

I introduce prices of Tokyo, mainly on the food expenses , transportation expenses and daily necessities.

The food expenses

The budget for lunch is almost around 1,000 yen, but there are a lot of stores providing a “one coin lunch” menu of 500 yen for lunch. ”One coin” means a 500yen coin.

The dinner varies according to a store and a menu. It may cost you more than 5,000 yen per person when you order a course dish at a restaurant, but the general budget of liquor and snacks is 2,000 yen – around 5,000 yen per person at a “Izakaya”bar.

Eating out expense of Tokyo

*Ramen …600 yen – 1000 yen
*Beef bowl (gyudon) …350 yen – 400 yen
*Belt-conveyor sushi  (kaitenzushi) …100 yen – 400 yen/plate
*Side …600 yen – 1,000 yen
*Big Mac …390yen
*Hot coffee …100 yen – 500 yen

( price exclusive of tax)

Price of Big Mac in the world

Switzerland …..762.22 yen

Norway …668.65 yen

Sweden ..657.89 yen

United States ….559.22 yen

Fifth place Brazil ….576.78 yen




23rd place Japan …..380 yen !

Food cost

Japanese purchase ingredients mainly in supermarkets.

At the shopping  mall formed in the residential areas, the individual stores such as a fresh fish shop or the greengrocery are seen and you  can purchase  fresh products.

Food prices of Tokyo

Rice (5 kilograms) …2,000 yen

pork (100 grams of peaches) …194 yen

milk (1 liter) …221 yen

chicken egg (ten large size) …249 yen

cabbage (1 kilogram) …208 yen

potato (1 kilogram) …364 yen

edible oil (1 kilogram) …315 yen

salt (1 kilogram) …112 yen

Daily necessities

In Japan there are lot of necessities which are low price for their  high quality. Diaper,  toilet paper are highly appreciated from a foreigner, and the drugstores are  the shopping spot for Japan tourists.

Daily necessities price of Tokyo

・Detergent (1 kilogram) for washing …310 yen
・Shampoo (1 liter) …1,492 yen
・Tooth paste …300 yen
・Toilet paper (entering 12tolls) …262 yen
・Infants paper diaper (ten pieces) …301 yen

Traffic fare

The fare of a railroad and the bus is often determined by distance. By the way, as for the starting fare of the taxi, many companies in Tokyo is 410yen /1052m.

Transportation expenses of Tokyo

・Railway fare (other than JR an adult, 11 kilometers of minimum rates) …231 yen
・Bus fare (general bus, adult, 7 kilometers of minimum rates) …213 yen
・Taxi charges (2 kilometers) …750 yen
・Gasoline (1 liter) …135 yen(Changeable)


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