One of the famous Ramen Shop in Tokyo “Ramen Jiro”

The famous Ramen Shop “Ramen Jiro”

Head shop of Ramen Jiro is located in Mita Minato-ku Tokyo.  They operate 40 shops nation wide.

Characteristic of ramen of “Ramen Jiro”

Cabbage and bean sprouts (vegetables) and a roasted pork fillet are on tne


The soup stock is mainly made from pork and vegetables .

Main seasoning is soi source.

All shops  make their own noodles relatively big and curled .

In 2009, the ramen of Ramen Jiro is chosen as “50 dishes which you should eat in the world” of the British quality paper, Guardian.

The enthusiastic fan of Ramen Jiro is called “Jirorian”.


Ramen   600yen

Big Ramen  650yen

Pork Ramen  700yen

pork Ramen big size 750yen

Pork Double Ramen  800yen

Pork Double Ramen  big size 850yen

Main shop details

address: 2-16-4 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo

Nearest station: Tamachi Station   (JR Yamanote-Line)

Closed Sundays and public holidays

Open from about 8:30 to about 15:00     about from 17:00 to about 20:00

Menu,prices,business hour, regular holidays vary according to each shop.


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