Ramen Aoba~The famous ramenshop

”Aoba” the one of the famous Ramen shop

There are various kinds even if I say ramen, and there is a characteristic by a shop.

The Chinese noodles AOBA (中華そば青葉) set up the head shop  in Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, and they operate up to 20 stores around the Kanto district.

Details of Aoba Ramen

Details of ramen


I realize unique taste by using “the double soup” which blended Kyushu ramen (pork bones, chicken bones) and Tokyo ramen (fish stock).


All shops  make their own noodles everyday  to provide fresh noodles which

make use of a flavor of the wheat.



●Special Chukasoba(special ramen)

●Cold chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping

●Special Cold chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping

Main shop details

address: 5-58-1 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo

Nearest station:

A regular holiday: None

Open from  10:30 to  about 21:00    (until a sellout)


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